William Brown

Come on in and meet the Thief!

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His Story

In the English summer of 1821, a hard-up street kid by the name of William Brown, just 17 years old, was sentenced to seven years transportation to New South Wales for nicking a bevy of cotton garments from the clothesline of a plump, red-cheeked London housewife by the name of Mary Hibbert.

William finally gained his Ticket of Leave in 1832 and he took the world by the scruff of the neck, just as he'd taken ol' Mrs Hibbert's trousers many years before. Only this time he did things by the book, becoming a very successful timber merchant and much-respected colonist.

Nearly two centuries later, William's great, great, great grandsons are continuing the mischievous spirit of their wily forebear at The Cotton Thief. So come on in and join us in raising a glass to all those convicts turned free men and women responsible for our fine and flourishing Colony!



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